Sunday, February 24, 2013

Architect & Design Oscar Nominee Homes Past & Future

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This year the Oscars is celebrating their 85th year.  The award had become a yearly event for actors as movies made the change from silent to talking back in the 1930's as the years went by, categories for the best film, actor and actress was on the rise.  Stars like Alfred Hitchcock, Humphrey Bogart and Peter O'Toole took the scene with their leading roles in film which increased their visibility in the spot light bot in film and in their private life.  (Click any photo for larger view)

Stars like Alfred Hitchcock who enjoyed living a life of Luxury in a Mock Tudor style home of which he spent 10 years of his life living in.  The house comes with an enormous land of greenery and fine living as it rest nestled in a serene setting with an attached guest cottage.  Today, the asking price for the home is just over 2.5 million and the guest cottage is priced at a little over 500 thousand ~ much of the interior decor remains the same as to the keeping of the Tudor style of the home.

Homes today continue to be elegantly designed by builders who have taken their time to perfect the craft of renovating or building a home that is keeping with today's design and carefully updating designs of the past keeping to the true architecture of the original home when providing updates.  One custom and supreme builder that stands out is JDR (Jackson Design & Remodeling) company who has actively served in the design industry since 1989 and have designed and remodeled well over 2000 with satisfied customers.  The only design company that I know that has a proven design satisfaction rate of 97%.  Visit their website for background information for your next home remodeling/design project: CLICK HERE! 

Today, Oscar nominees like Joaquin Phoenix, Daniel Day-Lewis, Denzel Washington and Hugh Jackman enjoy living in homes that have assorted designs and feels that are keeping to the area of which the home was built or the architectural surroundings of the city, town or state that the home's are nested in and Jackson Design & Remodeling company can do this for you.  Keeping to the design is so important as it has been proven as time goes by; Just like Alfred Hitchcock and the beautiful designed home the actor lived in, still holds true for today and the homes that current actors live in that will also increase in value and have significant meaning and importance because of the architect and design company that they have chosen along with the fact that these are the homes that these stars once lived in.  Beautiful, Powerful & Priceless!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Corky Way To Design

 Cork design can be useful, fun and a cost effective way to design creatively.  Next time you plan your next dinner party save money and time by using the corks from old wine bottles.  You can decorate the cork for any season... as pictured above this cute idea is for a Christmas party and was a sure hit.  Simple cork designs are just as effective when you create a name tag and properly place the name tag inside the cork.  A name plate looks wonderful on your dinner table and I am sure your guest will appreciate your creative efforts.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Set The Standard When You Set Your Table

 Set the standards when you properly decorate your table.  Think of the event that you are having, why your having it and what it involves and then set the table according to the celebration that day.  A beautifully decorated table and indeed set the standards for a warm, relaxing and inviting event.  Here's some fabulous tips for designing that beautiful table setting:

Time of year:  People don't always consider the time of year when decorating a table however, it is fact that the time of year can clearly set the mood for the type of dinner party you are working to achieve.  If you're planning a dinner party in the fall.. try fall decorations to bring some life to your table setting.  Tree branches, Colorful leaves as garland for the table are perfect accent pieces that won't cost you a dime but will bring some "life" to your table setting.  Be very creative with your center piece... flowers are always a nice center piece item however, you can also add some bowels, plants or lights.  Flowers can be changed out to match the time of year and is a perfect decorating tool.  Additional Tip:  If it is during the winter months that you are having your party... consider fake snow on the table and some small tree like decorations to add a festive design to your table setting.

Design with color:  Remember that color means everything when you are decorating any space.. decorating your table with the color of the season is very important.  What's the color of the season you ask?  Well for instance, if it is winter time you wouldn't want to decorate with bright yellow or blue colors... those colors are best appreciated in the summer months.  A light table cloth is also best appreciated in the summer months... try a heavy table cloth with a deep rich color when you are designing for the winter.

Don't forget the name plates:  Having your guest name before the space that they will sit speaks appreciation in a generous sort of way.  Your guest would so appreciate your kind gesture when you have their name spelled so neatly at their space at the table and will make them really feel like a guest in your home.

Soft music and a couple bottles of wine on the table just adds to the appreciation of an evening of fun with family or friends.  So set the standard by properly setting your table for your next dinner party... you will truly be the "trend setter" and or the host with the most style ~ Cheers!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Be The Life of The Dinner Party

Be the life of your dinner party or any party for that matter with these elegant items.  Save money when you become a member of a wine club.  Ordering is easy especially if you are a new member.  Fabulous wines will be delivered to your door step every 3 months.  Wine clubs usually provide tasting notes so that you can rate the different wines that they are sending to you.  Have your dinner guest get in on the fun by tasting and rating the wines as well... then use the feedback that you gathered to share with the wine club that you are a part of.  This helps them to improve their quality of wine so that you are getting the best product possible.  Also, when you join a wine club you are SAVING BIG!  The cost of a nice bottle of wine would normally cost you between $10 and $15 dollars... however, when you are a wine club member that price is easily cut in half.

Add something extra special to your home interior decor and order a wine cage to display all of your fabulous wine inside.  When your dinner guest arrive to your home.. you can impress them by serving up one of your most expensive bottles by taking it out of this wonderful display case.

Wine also makes wonderful gift ideas.  When you are part of a club... you have a consistent amount coming to your home so why not share a bottle or two.  Get a very nice wine box and add a bottle or two to it and bring it as a gift to a dinner party that you may be invited to or give it for a holiday gift.  Wine is a perfect drink for a special gathering.  So have fun with this great LifeStyle idea and more...

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Make A Statement With Your Entry Design


Your Entry Way Should Make a Fabulous Welcome Statement. It should not only set the tone for the rest of your home but it should welcome your guest so that they feel at home. You can do this in many creative ways... using a little color, fruit, entry table or baskets and also add a little something unexpected to the mix of your entry design. Your entry way is something that you may want to seasonally change; especially if you use flowers or other items that are specific to that particular season.  But do it according to your mood and according to what is comfortable for your home.  Entry way designs can be a fabulous way to start the inspiration for the rest of your home.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Change Your Environment ~ Change Your Life!

 Here are a few living room spaces that I find very relaxing and comforting and just living in these spaces will bring about a different way of thinking and responding to certain aspects in your life.  Read more below...

I am a firm believer that when you change your surroundings... it can be a wonderful thing for your mind, body and spirit.  Sometimes a persons surroundings is not conditioned to the way that they should be living and it can hurt them or impact them greatly physically and sometimes emotionally.  As you age, situations in your life change and sometimes stairs may be hard to climb or walking distances may not be an easy thing to do anymore.. your living environment is huge when you are a senior and making sure that you have your surroundings meet the LifeStyle you are now looking for is important.  This is why holding onto an old house that you use to live in before is not always a good thing unless you thought out your future conditions and that house meets those needs as well.

Even when you are young, sometimes selecting to live in a neighborhood that may not be the safest may impact your life greatly.  So when you're looking to make a major change in your life such as moving to a new home or changing around your living environment... consider all elements of design and make it peaceful and joyful space that is full of the LifeStyle that you want and need.  It is important to stay healthy and your living environment contributes to 80% of your health and that is a huge number.  I am sure that safety is the number one factor in these percentages but I would agree that it is one of the most important.