Sunday, February 24, 2013

Architect & Design Oscar Nominee Homes Past & Future

Feb 25th - April 17th ~ CLICK HERE!

This year the Oscars is celebrating their 85th year.  The award had become a yearly event for actors as movies made the change from silent to talking back in the 1930's as the years went by, categories for the best film, actor and actress was on the rise.  Stars like Alfred Hitchcock, Humphrey Bogart and Peter O'Toole took the scene with their leading roles in film which increased their visibility in the spot light bot in film and in their private life.  (Click any photo for larger view)

Stars like Alfred Hitchcock who enjoyed living a life of Luxury in a Mock Tudor style home of which he spent 10 years of his life living in.  The house comes with an enormous land of greenery and fine living as it rest nestled in a serene setting with an attached guest cottage.  Today, the asking price for the home is just over 2.5 million and the guest cottage is priced at a little over 500 thousand ~ much of the interior decor remains the same as to the keeping of the Tudor style of the home.

Homes today continue to be elegantly designed by builders who have taken their time to perfect the craft of renovating or building a home that is keeping with today's design and carefully updating designs of the past keeping to the true architecture of the original home when providing updates.  One custom and supreme builder that stands out is JDR (Jackson Design & Remodeling) company who has actively served in the design industry since 1989 and have designed and remodeled well over 2000 with satisfied customers.  The only design company that I know that has a proven design satisfaction rate of 97%.  Visit their website for background information for your next home remodeling/design project: CLICK HERE! 

Today, Oscar nominees like Joaquin Phoenix, Daniel Day-Lewis, Denzel Washington and Hugh Jackman enjoy living in homes that have assorted designs and feels that are keeping to the area of which the home was built or the architectural surroundings of the city, town or state that the home's are nested in and Jackson Design & Remodeling company can do this for you.  Keeping to the design is so important as it has been proven as time goes by; Just like Alfred Hitchcock and the beautiful designed home the actor lived in, still holds true for today and the homes that current actors live in that will also increase in value and have significant meaning and importance because of the architect and design company that they have chosen along with the fact that these are the homes that these stars once lived in.  Beautiful, Powerful & Priceless!

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