Sunday, January 27, 2013

Set The Standard When You Set Your Table

 Set the standards when you properly decorate your table.  Think of the event that you are having, why your having it and what it involves and then set the table according to the celebration that day.  A beautifully decorated table and indeed set the standards for a warm, relaxing and inviting event.  Here's some fabulous tips for designing that beautiful table setting:

Time of year:  People don't always consider the time of year when decorating a table however, it is fact that the time of year can clearly set the mood for the type of dinner party you are working to achieve.  If you're planning a dinner party in the fall.. try fall decorations to bring some life to your table setting.  Tree branches, Colorful leaves as garland for the table are perfect accent pieces that won't cost you a dime but will bring some "life" to your table setting.  Be very creative with your center piece... flowers are always a nice center piece item however, you can also add some bowels, plants or lights.  Flowers can be changed out to match the time of year and is a perfect decorating tool.  Additional Tip:  If it is during the winter months that you are having your party... consider fake snow on the table and some small tree like decorations to add a festive design to your table setting.

Design with color:  Remember that color means everything when you are decorating any space.. decorating your table with the color of the season is very important.  What's the color of the season you ask?  Well for instance, if it is winter time you wouldn't want to decorate with bright yellow or blue colors... those colors are best appreciated in the summer months.  A light table cloth is also best appreciated in the summer months... try a heavy table cloth with a deep rich color when you are designing for the winter.

Don't forget the name plates:  Having your guest name before the space that they will sit speaks appreciation in a generous sort of way.  Your guest would so appreciate your kind gesture when you have their name spelled so neatly at their space at the table and will make them really feel like a guest in your home.

Soft music and a couple bottles of wine on the table just adds to the appreciation of an evening of fun with family or friends.  So set the standard by properly setting your table for your next dinner party... you will truly be the "trend setter" and or the host with the most style ~ Cheers!

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