Saturday, January 26, 2013

Be The Life of The Dinner Party

Be the life of your dinner party or any party for that matter with these elegant items.  Save money when you become a member of a wine club.  Ordering is easy especially if you are a new member.  Fabulous wines will be delivered to your door step every 3 months.  Wine clubs usually provide tasting notes so that you can rate the different wines that they are sending to you.  Have your dinner guest get in on the fun by tasting and rating the wines as well... then use the feedback that you gathered to share with the wine club that you are a part of.  This helps them to improve their quality of wine so that you are getting the best product possible.  Also, when you join a wine club you are SAVING BIG!  The cost of a nice bottle of wine would normally cost you between $10 and $15 dollars... however, when you are a wine club member that price is easily cut in half.

Add something extra special to your home interior decor and order a wine cage to display all of your fabulous wine inside.  When your dinner guest arrive to your home.. you can impress them by serving up one of your most expensive bottles by taking it out of this wonderful display case.

Wine also makes wonderful gift ideas.  When you are part of a club... you have a consistent amount coming to your home so why not share a bottle or two.  Get a very nice wine box and add a bottle or two to it and bring it as a gift to a dinner party that you may be invited to or give it for a holiday gift.  Wine is a perfect drink for a special gathering.  So have fun with this great LifeStyle idea and more...

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